I saw Dr. Anthony Fauci’s comments regarding the NFL season not starting without the players being in a bubble.

Then, I thought about being in a bubble with the cheerleaders, then realized that would consist of me watching a bunch of pretty ladies…on their phones all of the time.

So then I got back to how I would get the National Football League back for this season. Pretty simple actually.

For each game week, do an antibody test 48 hours or so before the team goes to the game. Plus temperatures. Now everybody stays in ‘the bubble’. Quarantine in a hotel until game time. Before everyone gets on the bus to the game, check temperatures again. You 100? You out!

Pretty simple. You can have cheerleaders as long as they are socially distanced from the action. Maybe remove a couple of rows of seats for them. Other folks like sideline reporters, cameramen and the like, have to be in the stands.

And masks for all non-players. In terms of masks for players, they could just wear face shields on the grill of the helmet. You will have to relax the removal of the helmet rule. I can see the offensive linemen getting hot. They need to be able to take the helmet to cool over a bit.

I have questions. The referees and other officials…do they get their own bubble? Previously, they flew to different games. Does that change? Or is the NFL going to use local people to avoid referee-to-player contraction?

Yup, a capacity crowd of one. Source: Yahoo

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